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中国江北水城 ——聊城


  水与城市相依古城 ,老运河与当代科技的智慧文化,传统文化与现代文明的和谐发展 ,这里是中国江北水城 ——聊城。The dependence and the inter-growth of the water and the city. The wild style between the ancient channel and the modern technology. The harmonious development of the traditional culture and modern civilization. This is liaocheng, famous north China water city.

  聊城位于山东省西部,辖八个县市区和一个经济开发区 总面积8715平方公里 人口573万Liaocheng is located in the west of Shandong province, it has jurisdiction over 8 countries, country -level cities and one economic district, with a total area of 8715 km2 and a total population of 5.73 million people.聊城市国家历史文化名城,卓越秀美的江北水城,中国优秀旅游城市,省级卫生城市,省级园林城市。Liaocheng  National famous historical and cultural city, outstanding beautiful north city, China excellent tourism city, the provincial health city, provincial garden city

  近几年来,聊城经济快速发展,城乡变化巨大,社会和谐进步。In recent years,  liaocheng has made rapid economic growth, dramatic change in urban and rural areas and huge progress of social harmony.

  聊城物产丰绕,农产品资源丰富,石油,煤炭,天然气,地热等量丰富。Liaocheng is abundant with products and agricultural product resources, also rich in petroleum, coal, natural gas, geothermal and so on.这里属黄河冲击平原发展空间大,黄河、徒骇河、马家河等30多条河流提供了充足的水资源。This belong to the Yellow River flood plains and it’s a large development space with more than 30 rivers including the Yellow river, tu hai river ,and the majia river supply with the ample water resources . 现有发电装机动量500万千瓦时,电力资源充足,价格低廉。The generator amount to 5million at present. It has the ample power supply.城位于冀鲁豫三省交界,周边300公里以内达3亿。聊城是济南城市群经济圈重要组成部分,直接受省会济南的辐射带动。Liaocheng is the important part of jinan economic circle ,direct radiation driven by the provincial capital jinan贯穿南北的京九铁路和连接东西的邯冀铁路,济聊馆高速公路在这里交汇,形成交通黄金大十字。Liaocheng is the heart of Beijing-jiulong  railway. Handan-jinan railway and the ji nan-liaocheng highway.从聊城出发一小时可到济南国际机场。It is only one hour’s journey from Liaocheng to Jinan international airport.聊城具有完备,规范,便捷的行政服务中心,充分体现以人为本的理念,为来聊城投资创业的中外朋友提供优质的、高效的服务。Liaocheng possess a mature ,regulated and convenient modern administrative service center, which will provide high qualified and effective service for the foreign friends coming to Liaocheng and reflect the people-oriented concept.聊城已经建立了多层次的人才培训中心,在校的大学生和中等专业学校的学生已达到5万余人,准备了 大量专业优秀人才和充足的人力资源。Liaocheng has built a multi-level education and talent training system. The undergraduates of institutions of higher learning and students of trade schools have amount to 50 thousands.聊城已与上50多个国家和地区建立了经贸、文化,教育等多方面,多层次的合作交流。 It has prepared abundant of excellent talent in human resources. Until now Liaocheng has built a multi-level cooperation and communication with more than 50 countries and regions on trade ,culture and education.

  聊城是黄河农业文明和商业文明共同孕育的一座历史文化名称,是著名的杂技之乡,武术之乡,剪纸之乡,书画之乡,京剧之乡,是山东快书,山东筝曲的发祥地。Liaocheng is a historical and cultural city bred by the agriculture civilization and commercial civilization in Yellow River, the famous hometown of acrobatics, martial arts, paper-cut, calligraphy and painting, Peking Opera, and the birthplace of Shandong clapper ballad and composition of zheng(a traditional Chinese musical instrument).战国时期著名军事家孙膑,清代开国状元傅以渐,著名学者傅斯年,季羡林,文化大师李苦禅等都是聊城的骄傲。Sun bin---famous military strategist in Warring States, Fu Yijian---number one scholar of founding Qing Dynasty, Fu Sinian and Ji Xianlin---famous scholars, Li Kuchan---a master in culture, are the pride of Liaocheng.自强不息,乐视创新,包容开放、城市守信是现代聊城的人文精神。Unremitting self-improvement, optimism and innovation, tolerance and open, and honesty and integrity is the humanistic spirit of modern Liaocheng city.

  聊城拥有江北水城的城市品牌,城中有水,水中有城,城水一体交相辉映,Liaocheng owns the city brand of North China Waterside City. There is water in the city; there is city in the water; the city and the water reflect each other.东昌湖是中国北方最大的城内胡湖泊,水面积大6.3平方公里,是国家4A级风景旅游区。Dongchang Lake is the largest city lake in north China with water area of 6.3 square kilometers, and it is a national 4A level scenic spot.水城明珠剧场,东昌大桥,以及茶楼,竹寨等各具风格。Waterside City Pearl Theater, Dongchang Bridge, Tea Building, Bamboo Village and so on are all in various styles.已有630多年历史的光岳楼是中国现存古代建筑中,最古老,最高大的木质结构楼阁之一。Guangyue Tower, with a history of 630 years, is one of the oldest and tallest wooden building in the existing Chinese ancient buildings.山陕会馆是聊城明清400年商业发达的缩影,海源阁藏书楼是中国清代四大私家藏书阁之一,见证了聊城文化的繁荣昌盛。han-shan guildhall is a microcosm of 400-year developed business of Liaocheng in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Haiyuange is one of the four major private book collection buildings in Qing Dynasty, which has witnessed the cultural prosperity of Liaocheng.北宋铁塔是中国为数极少楼阁式铁柱佛塔阳谷的景阳冈、狮子楼、临清的舍利宝塔,Sarira Pagoda运河钞关、清真寺、东阿的曹植墓等都是著名的文物古迹。Iron Pagoda in Northern Song Dynasty is one of the few iron prop pagoda in pavilion type. Jingyang Hill and Lion Pavilion in Yanggu, Sarira Pagoda in Linqing, Chaoguan(a type of architecture used for levy) of the Ancient canal, mosques, Caozhi Tomb in Donge are the famous cultural relics.江堤乐园、马家河度假区已成为人们休闲度假的理想去处。Jiangdi park ,majia resort has becoming a leisure ideal place for people.突出水城特色,延续历史文脉,人文资源与生态资源互为一体,使聊城成为人类最佳居住和创业城市,聊城正在成为省会济南乃至山东的新花园,北京、天津等大城市的度假基地。

  High lighting the characteristic of waterside city, extending the historical context and combining human resources with ecological resources makes liaocheng the best city for living and business for mankind. Liaocheng is becoming a new garden to Jinan even the shandong province, also a holiday base for Beijing, tianjin and other cities.


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