Tender flower buds
Trodden over
And crushed to death...

Little angelic faces
Drowned in
Their own blood...

Trusted words shatter
Like a beaded string
To unreachable corners...

Hoping that I'm not late,
I scrawl the words,
To find that hope gone...

And I realize that
There was never
A time to be on time...

Is 'inhuman'
The only word
A human resides in?

-June 17th, 2012
I have no song
To sing,
But I bring back
The melodies of my youth,
The rhymes of my childhood,
The lullabies I don't know
And the bird songs I chided...

I have no story
To narrate,
But I refresh
The ones I read,
The ones my mom told,
The ones I dreamed
And those that I wove...

I have no claims
To make,
But I bask in the glory
Of yesterday's dreams,
Of today's expectations,
Of tomorrow's hopes
And of what was never mine...

But perhaps,
These senile thoughts
That are mine now
Is the true glory...
Of a young heart...

-June 12th, 2012
Once I wanted to die in the rain,
But today, I stare out the window
And no such beautiful pain
Touches my heart, no such tow...

Despite the emptiness in my chest,
The earth drinks her share,
Leaves me to listen, but no zest
Dares me, like I've not a care...

Now pain defines its own absence,
And how much I miss what showered
When pain coupled with elegance,
While hurts towered, poems flowered...

- June 7th, 2012
~sana rose~
A sequel to the poem 'Monsoon Blues' in my first book published last year.
Even when you don't feel
The same rain I feel
Know that we are
Under the same sky...

Even when our hearts are apart,
Though we don't breathe the same air,
Know that it works
The same way for us...

Even when I don't know 
How sweet your tea is,
Know that the sweetness and warmth
I feel when I sip mine are yours...

-June 6th, 2012




Dew drops slide down
Grass blades ~
Lashes gleam ~
They bathe her cheeks.

Rain blurs the window
Glass panes ~
Things blur ~
They scatter rays to beams.

Rose petals shiver in
Soft breeze ~
Sighs quiver ~
Her lips find no words.

Rivulets gurgle by
Hard rocks ~
Memories crystallize ~
Pains liquidize to vanish.




Thoughts intricate
as simple doodles
on unwanted pages.

I admire the curves
that keep swirling.

This is insanity
but it could've been
an escape.

This is pretension
but the synonym
is survival.

And this is sanity,
not the usual,
but an abnormal one.

The irony is that
existence exists
even in non-existence.

- May 8th, 2012
The clouds you see
are far away,
I console myself...
Only the rain
will touch you...

Sweet words
were just sugar-coated
gumdrops ~
yes, those gumdrops ~
lemon, orange, mango ~
that you read in stories...

Later, when you
take a look at what
unfortunately remains...
Maybe, there, you'll find
Love... As bruises,
fractures, unhealed wounds...

Alas, unless you see
Noble pain first!

- May 7th, 2012

I wait...
For the waves to roll in~
The turbulence to set in~
Darkness to spread in my open eyes...

I need...
Them to take me away~
The clouds to be my flight~
Take me somewhere I'll never rise...

But it...
Eludes me, turns away~
Walks away and won't stop~
Unless my pain dissolves the skies...

- May 5th, 2012




and stardust...
Dying dreams
swirl in the gust...
I let them fly
away from me...
Away, far and high,
where they can be
themselves, their own,
unchained and free...
And bygone...

-March 11th, 2012




You walk
In darkness,
In light...
Shadows stalk
Wherever u go,
Left or right..

And you realize
They have always
Been with you..
They materialize
When you see
Something new..

When you don't,
When it's dark
They creep beneath
Your very existence..
When you can't,
Even in light,
They exist and breathe
As you...

-March 2nd, 2012